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Cal Poly's Australian Tour Travels to Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane

Cal Poly's Australian Tour Travels to Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane

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Including a trio of international exhibitions, the Cal Poly Women's Basketball program will tour Australia from Aug. 5-15, experiencing a once-every-four-years travel-abroad opportunity!

The Mustangs fly out of LAX to Sydney, where they'll stay through Aug. 10. Then flying to Gold Coast, Cal Poly will journey to Currumbin and ultimately Brisbane.

Cal Poly's roster spans 12 majors (including one player pursuing a master's degree), with student-athletes studying:
- Business
- Child Development
- Communications
- English
- Experience Industry Management
- Health
- Kinesiology
- Materials Engineering
- Mathematics
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Wine & Viticulture

In addition to the exhibitions, the team's travels will take the Mustangs through an Aboriginal culture educational session, along with locations such as Sydney Harbour and Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and more.

"Those are things that you just can't read in a textbook," Cal Poly head coach Faith Mimnaugh said. "Many of our students are thinking about how they can add to their American experience with globalization in the world. I think that, especially with our business majors, it really provides them an opportunity to think about international, borderless interactions that they can have. And you can make parallels with other curriculums. It's going to be awesome for them to have this experience."

Meanwhile, FIBA play features a few differences (such as a 24-second shot clock), and is known for more physical play than seen in college.

Funding for the tour is graciously provided exclusively from private support.

"There'll be all kinds of basketball things they glean from it, but certainly the overarching educational mission of the trip really is to broaden our horizons and have them experience something that they just could not achieve sitting in a classroom or even getting a great education at Cal Poly," Mimnaugh added. "This is the ultimate learn-by-doing experience."

Below is the schedule for the Mustangs' scrimmages:

Thu., Aug. 8 (7 p.m. AUS-EST)
Cal Poly vs. Newcastle Hunters 
@ Broadmeadow Stadium

Mon., Aug. 12 (7 p.m. AUS-EST)
Cal Poly vs. Gold Coast 
@ Carrara Indoor Stadium

Wed., Aug. 14 (7:30 p.m. AUS-EST)
Cal Poly vs. Southwestern Metro Pirates 
@ Hibiscus Stadium

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