Amy Gode
Amy Gode
Title: Disability Resources
Phone: 805-756-1399

I hail from Minnesota, the state most famous for its 10,000 lakes, though depending on the season they are unfortunately either frozen or mosquito infested. So needless to say my significant other and I are enjoying living in San Luis Obispo, feeling very much at home in "The happiest place in the USA"!

Back in Minnesota, I worked for many years as a licensed P/HD Teacher (Physical and Other Health Disabilities, including Traumatic Brain Injury) in the public schools, assisting students from age two through twenty-one. Most of my time was spent supporting students on how to use various strategies and assistive technology to complete written work, stay organized, and study. We also worked on advocacy, on how to explain to others the unique learning needs that are characteristic of many disabilities, and how accommodations are needed to level the playing field and demonstrate what each student is truly capable of. 

I have so many great memories of all my students; they've taught me to never underestimate the power of motivation, and to never give up!  I've also learned to never underestimate the potential of assistive technology.  I really enjoy the process of evaluating how various disability related needs can be addressed through assistive technology exploration and trials.  So feel free to contact us to learn more about our accommodation services and support. Also, I tend to always have a good supply of chocolate on hand.